About Castle Pictures

Castle Pictures, Inc. is a creative, passionate production house based in Manhattan that creates original non-fiction content for global distribution. We use moving images to tell epic, immersive and transformational stories borne out of exploration, travel, history, science and every day American life.

The company was founded in 2011 by Christopher Cassel, a Primetime Emmy award-winning producer, writer and director who had spent the previous decade circling the globe to bring the world’s greatest characters, memories and wonders into living rooms everywhere for networks including History, Discovery, Science, Animal Planet, A&E, TLC and Bravo. In 2006, he won the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Nonfiction Special for History’s Rome: Engineering an Empire, which he produced, wrote and directed, and which spawned the subsequent 13-episode series Engineering an Empire. In 2011, he served as supervising producer and senior writer on Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero, a multiple Emmy-nominated six-hour mini-series for the Discovery Channel. Steven Spielberg presided as Executive Producer.

In 2013, Castle Pictures delivered its first series – a fun, talent-driven science series called Hacking the Planet to The Weather Channel, which explores the ways mankind is taming Mother Nature, and the special The Truth About Twisters, a repeat ratings-getter that premiered during Weather’s “Tornado Week.” In 2014, Castle delivered a six-hour docudrama series called Gunslingers, which broke ratings records for American Heroes Channel when it premiered in July. Season Two aired to widespread acclaim in the summer of 2015, and both seasons have been recognized with Emmy nominations.

Also in 2015, Castle delivered a new science sketch comedy show for HLN called Up Late in the Lab, featuring talent from The Onion and Upright Citizens Brigade, and an episode of National Geographic’s Explorer series exploring the “Five Stages of Climate Change Grief,” featuring Bill Nye and Arnold Schwarzenegger, which garnered the strongest ratings yet for the series, and was recognized with a Sentinel Award for exceptional merit in the climate change category.

In 2016, the company delivered two highly acclaimed docudramas for National Geographic. Pope V. Hitler is a two-hour special that explores the secret Vatican spy ring that worked to assassinate Hitler. Explorer: What Would Teddy Do? examines today’s politics through the lens of Teddy Roosevelt’s life and words, featuring commentary from pundits, historians and politicians including Sen. John McCain, Gen. David Petraeus, Bill O’Reilly, Erin Burnett, Robert Reich, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Glenn Beck.

Castle Pictures takes audiences into worlds they couldn’t otherwise reach...while revealing something new about their own world.

Castle Pictures is Life...on Screen.