• RISE OF THE SUPERBOMBS (History Channel)

    This special takes viewers inside the new world of futuristic conventional warfare with stunning CGI, newly declassified footage, insider insights from senior officers and engineers, and a series of immersive field tests.


    This two-season series, produced through Lucky 8 TV, uses the latest scanning technology and research to shed new light on the secrets that lie beneath our feet.

  • EXPLORER: WHAT WOULD TEDDY DO? (National Geographic)

    As the 2016 Presidential campaign mercifully draws to a close, this special seeks solutions to some of the most pressing issues of our time... in the life and words of our 26th Commander in Chief, Theodore Roosevelt.

  • POPE vs. HITLER (National Geographic)

    A thrilling new docudrama about a little-known chapter of World War Two. As the Nazis surrounded the Vatican and plotted to kidnap the Pope, a secret Church spy ring was conspiring to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

  • EXPLORER: Bill Nye’s Global Meltdown (National Geographic)

    In perhaps the most unorthodox hour ever devoted to the subject of climate change, Bill Nye the Science Guy seeks the counsel of his therapist, Dr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, as he walks through the five stages of "climate change grief" – from denial to acceptance – and explores what's gone wrong with our planet and how we can turn it around.

  • Up Late in the Lab (HLN)

    A hilarious, irreverent, topical exploration of science through sketch comedy. Written and performed by talent from The Onion and Upright Citizens Brigade.

  • Gunslingers – Season Two (American Heroes Channel)

    Six new epic hours of docudrama tracing the most riveting and dangerous characters in the Wild West, from household names like Butch Cassidy and Bat Masterson to the little known but thrilling tales of Bass Reeves and Jim Miller.

  • Gunslingers (American Heroes Channel)

    A marquee six-hour cinematic docudrama event chronicling the stories of America's most iconic Wild West heroes and outlaws in their own words. Shot on location in New Mexico.

  • Truth About Twisters (The Weather Channel)

    A one-hour Tornado Week special separating the fact from fiction about what to do if you're caught in a twister.

  • Hacking The Planet (The Weather Channel)

    A half-hour series that probes how science is manipulating Mother Nature. Hosted by science writer John Rennie.

Below are Chris Cassel's primary credits as a showrunner, director and writer (1998 – 2012):

  • Redrum (Investigation Discovery)

    Directed four episodes of the new scripted non-fiction murder series that reveals each story in reverse – from the end to the beginning.

  • Flipping the White House (Discovery Channel)

    A one-hour special that chronicles the instant transformation that happens behind the scenes when a new President moves in on Election Day. Features interviews with White House insiders including James Baker, Karen Hughes, John Podesta and Karl Rove.

  • Punkin' Chunkin' (Discovery/Science)

    An immensely popular annual two-hour special about the wild world of engineers who build massive machines to sling pumpkins as far as they possibly can.

  • Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero (Discovery/Science)

    A six-hour series chronicling the people and engineering behind the most ambitious construction project in American history. Steven Spielberg is Executive Producer.

  • The Uprising (Animal Planet)

    A dramatized special exploring the frightening trend of animals turning against humans.

  • Clash of the Gods (History)

    A 10-hour series that dissects popular ancient myths and analyzes their real-world connections. Shot in Morocco and Lithuania.

  • The White House: Behind Closed Doors (History)

    An exclusive look at the past and present of America's most famous residence. Features Chris' exclusive interviews with President and Mrs. Bush.

  • Apocalypse How? (The Discovery Channel)

    A tongue-in-cheek look at 11 ways our world could end. Chris' concept & title. Emmy nominated for Outstanding Animation.

  • Scandals of Ancient Egypt (The Discovery Channel)

    A cinematic expose of five ancient stories that rocked the Egyptian Empire. Shot in Morocco.

  • Clash of the Cavemen (History)

    A two-hour docudrama exploring the period when two human species, Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals, co-existed in Europe. Shot in Romania. Chris' original concept.

  • Engineering an Empire: The Series (History)

    Creative oversight and script doctoring on the 12-episode series that explores the structural feats that propelled history's greatest empires to power.

  • The Dark Ages (History)

    A two-hour cinematic special exploring Europe's forgotten medieval centuries. Shot in Lithuania.

  • Egypt: Engineering an Empire (History)

    Two-hour premiere episode of the series. Nominated for Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Art Direction.

  • Rome: Engineering an Empire (History)

    A two-hour look at the trailblazing engineering feats of the ancient Romans. History's highest-rated special of 2005, nominated for four Primetime Emmys. Winner for Outstanding Nonfiction Special and Outstanding Picture Editing.

  • Biography: Fathers & Sons in Hollywood (A&E)

  • Deep Sea Detectives: Japanese Sub at Pearl Harbor (History)

  • Armored and Dangerous (Travel Channel)

  • Medical Profile: Larry Hagman (Discovery Health)

  • Biography's 15 Sexiest People (A&E)

  • Profiles: Geena Davis (Bravo)

  • Korean War in Color (Home Video/DVD release)