Aqua Men

The next time you're at an aquarium standing face-to-face with creatures of the deep consider this: it's likely that those fish passed through the hands of someone at Dynasty Marine. For the past three decades, marine biologist and world-renowned fish collector Forrest Young and his team of intrepid divers deliver ultra-rare and extremely dangerous fish to a very specific and demanding clientele – the world's premiere public aquariums.

Located in The Florida Keys, Dynasty Marine's headquarters look more like a construction site than the epicenter of the public aquarium business. The offices are in trailers on cinderblocks, surrounded by weathered buildings, and what looks like a few above ground swimming pools. But don't be fooled. With calls from clients coming in 24/7, the stakes are too high for Forrest to care much about image. Dynasty Marine is the number one commercial fish supply company in the United Sates. Each week, they capture, care for, and deliver live marine life on a tightand unforgiving schedule to aquariums on every continent but Antarctica. They treat their products more like family pets than supply. There's no freezing, no vacuum sealing, and no preserving. And every delivery has 48 hours to make it to its destination... any longer could prove fatal for the fish.

As if the challenges of catching and hauling live exotic fish weren't enough... the guys at Dynasty Marine also have to contend with each other. And on some days, that's their biggest challenge.