Oz Pearlman: Mind Raider

Think of a number between 1 and 100 and Oz Pearlman will instantly know what you selected.

Mention a name at random, and Oz will pull a business card out of his wallet – with that name already written on the back. But parlor tricks like these are only the tip of the iceberg. Oz's mind-reading abilities can also be applied to help everyday people "miraculously" solve everyday problems.

Is he a mind a reading superhero? Wish you could tap into the powers of your own mind to solve a persistent problem or impress a loved one? Oz will show you how.

Oz Pearlman is a premiere mentalist - someone who seems to have supernatural powers that allow him to telepathically get inside the mind of a complete stranger. Mentalism dates back to the 1700s and involves reading strangers' nonverbal and behavioral cues to seemingly read their minds. As one of the craft's most impressive contemporaries, Oz Pearlman, for the first time, will use his mind-blowing abilities to help regularly folks do the seemingly impossible.

Each episode of Oz Pearlman: Mind Raider will focus on one person who is in need of help. Whether you need to find out if your significant other is lying to you, think it's time you got a raise, or you need help winning over the guy or girl of your dreams, Oz will use his mentalist skills to solve the problem. Along the way he'll reveal some of the secrets behind his abilities to show the audience at home how the power of observation can allow them to gain seemingly supernatural mind reading abilities.