Joe Lani: Medium Blue

Follow along as retired NYPD Detective Joe Lani uses his newfound ability as a medium to crack cold cases and solve the mysteries behind suspicious deaths. By combining his detective experience with his powers of paranormal perception, Joe will work simultaneously with local police and loved ones to review evidence, communicate with a deceased victim, and find the missing lead that will unlock the case.

Joseph Lani is a retired detective sergeant who has commanded several robbery and detective squads in the NYC Police Department. Following the attacks on the World Trade Center, Joe was assigned to the Fresh Kills Landfill command center on Staten Island, where the wreckage from Ground Zero was piled in the weeks and months that followed. There, he led the team given the morbid task of sifting through the wreckage for human remains, personal items and the black boxes of the two planes. Under the stress of the job, Joe suffered a massive heart attack, resulting in a near death experience that opened his eyes and connected him with the spirit world.

After waking up in the hospital, Joe began hearing messages from beyond and seeing dead relatives appear before him. He met with other mediums and was told that the NDE enhanced his abilities to communicate with the dead. Soon after, Joe began his new career as a medium. He has since performed hundreds of readings that have helped detectives, private investigators, and celebrities solve mysteries related to unsolved deaths and other unexplained phenomena.