A (4x60) docudrama miniseries that reveals, as never before, the adventures of history's most vigorous icon

Forty-four men have held the reigns of American power. But one stands apart. Not merely a president... but a force of nature. A cowboy. A warrior. A commander. An explorer. A true American action hero.

This is the dramatic story of the many lives of Theodore Roosevelt as it's never been told. Departing from the traditional soup-to-nuts biographical chronology, each of the four episodes is anchored in one defining experience of TR's extraordinary life, with backstory parceled through to provide context, and first person narration in the voice of the man himself, drawing from his own words.

A deep dive into each of these experiences – his hardscrabble years as a cowboy, rancher and deputy sheriff in the Badlands, his charge up San Juan Hill at the head of the Rough Riders, his confrontational, no-holds-barred approach to the Presidency, and his determined, nearly fatal exploration of the uncharted Amazon basin – will immerse viewers in a compelling narrative that, taken as a whole, completes the picture of American history's most rugged, indomitable and charismatic man.

Cinematic, surprising scripted scenes – written from a fresh, unexpected POV and produced on the scale of World Wars and The Men Who Built America – combined with fresh insights from telegenic experts, public figures and prominent admirers, will make T.R. a must-watch event for a wide, diverse audience who knows the name... but not the man. Until now.

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