Holy Secrets

Is the Garden of Eden a real place? Where is the Ark of the Covenant? Who was Jesus' beloved disciple?

These are examples of the most powerful, enduring mysteries of civilization... enigmas that cut to the heart of our deepest convictions. For millennia, the answers to these and many other questions of faith have eluded countless generations of truth seekers. Yet we continue to pursue them – even as we fear what we may find – because they have the power to confirm, destroy or dramatically rewrite all that we hold dear. Behold... the HOLY SECRETS.

This new series takes a fresh visual and storytelling approach to unravel the world's most compelling religious mysteries along three parallel, intersecting tracks:

The Ancient Origin Story: the backstory of the mystery's origin, and its historic, scientific and religious implications.

The Journeys of the Truth Seekers: first-person accounts from the POV of generations of curious adventurers, explorers and crusaders who have each contributed to the lore and theories surrounding the mystery.

The Ongoing Search: a vérité journey alongside a current "seeker" who is applying the latest scientific and cultural analysis in an attempt to unravel the age-old mystery.

Each episode will unpack the chapters in a holy mystery through the first-person POV of those who have sought to solve it, illuminating their journeys with a vivid, fly-on-the-wall dramatization style that puts the viewer in the middle of the moment. A tabletop CGI "mystery realm" (see next page), revealing archival images, and immersive b-roll will round out the visual experience.

HOLY SECRETS will shine a new light on these age-old enigmas, taking viewers on an absorbing, thought provoking and potentially even life changing journey through time.