One Percent Human

Genetically speaking, humans and apes – our closest animal cousins – share approximately 99% of their DNA. It's that special 1% that separates man from beast. In the pop-science show ONE PERCENT HUMAN, or 1PH for short, we reveal the hidden animal lurking inside us all, deconstructing everyday social behavior down to its primal, instinctive, evolutionary level.

The Cast of 1PH includes Canadian writer and primatologist ANDREW WESTOLL, our resident science guy who brings his experience in primate biology, behavior and psychology to each experiment, and Australian social prankster NAZEEM HUSSAIN, a quick-witted, charismatic observer of human behavior. This duo's infectious fascination with the roots of human experience, and their complementary strengths – one as a people person, one as an ape authority – guides us through each compelling hour.

1PH draws on cutting-edge Evolutionary Psychology to reveal the subconscious animal impulses that motivate everything we say, do, and think. The series looks not only at the surprising similarities between us and animals – but more importantly, why it matters in every-day life.

You'll be surprised and amazed when your inner beast comes to light.