Building Earth

Planet Earth. Blue Planet. Human Planet. Life. All of these series beautifully illuminate the natural wonders of the world we live in. But they ignore one major component of our world – the physical mark that we humans have left on the planet over the course of the past 10,000 years. This epic, visually sweeping series will document the world that we have created as no series before it ever has, and explore what humankind's building legacy reveals about our ever-evolving priorities, aspirations, most basic needs and deep-seated fears.

The earth is teeming with celebrated examples of human ingenuity and drive. Stonehenge. The Acropolis. Appian Way. The Great Wall. Sydney Opera House. The Freedom Tower. Despite the thousands of years and miles that separate these building feats, they are torchbearers in one single, ongoing endeavor – humankind's attempt to alter its world to suit its own needs and wants. Our structures are all part of an ever-evolving conversation about who we are. They are our best evidence of where we've been, and our best blueprint for where we are going. No other species does this. It is a uniquely human pursuit that will continue as long as we inhabit the Earth.

The six episodes in this series will each explore mankind's building legacy through a unique lens – Power. Protection. Innovation. Connections. Tribute. Culture. Each of these strands will be traced from its earliest origins thousands of years ago, to the present and future buildings that carry the same torch. In that way, the series is more than a history lesson. It also weaves in contemporary stories of the people in our generation who are contributing to the dialogue of history – the builders, engineers and visionaries who are combining the influences of the past and the inspirations of the present to create iconic structures for the future.

Further, Building Earth includes the perspectives of a diverse group of individuals for whom these spaces are an integral part of life. How does NFL quarterback Tom Brady define a great stadium? What makes the Brooklyn Bridge so magical to a commuter who bikes across it every day? What goes through Vice President Joe Biden's mind when he enters the halls of the US Capitol Building? What power does Notre Dame Cathedral hold for the janitor who cleans it daily?

Building Earth is Planet Earth for the world of man.

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