(The Weather Channel – 1x120 – 2013)

Knowing tornado fact from fiction just might save your life.

Which one of these tornado myths is false? The southwest corner of a house is the safest. A highway overpass is a safe tornado shelter. A skinny tornado is a weak tornado. Answer- All of them. Whether handed down as folklore or spread by under-informed reports, misinformation about tornadoes has endured for centuries.

In this Tornado Week special for The Weather Channel, Hacking the Planet hosts John Rennie, Brian Malow and Cara Santa Maria take to the road, meeting scientists and survivors who offer demonstrations and eyewitness testimony to help them get to the truth about what you should do if you're ever caught in a twister. So next time a funnel cloud bears down on your neighborhood, you're prepared. Here are a few tidbits of tornado lore that we?ll explore:

Myth #1: Open your Windows.Fact: Contrary to popular belief, opening the windows in your house will actually increase the damage from a tornado's impact. The best thing to do is get away from all the windows in the house and into the basement.

Myth #2: Head for the Bathtub.Fact: Any area of the house that's above ground is unsafe - especially if it's against the outer wall. The bathtub might survive the tornado, but that doesn't mean you'll still be in it when it's over.

Myth #3: Head for the Highway. Fact: Some people naturally think their best bet is to outrun a tornado in their cars, but the road is one of the worst possible places to be when a tornado threatens. If it heads your way, it could pick you and your car up and toss you all the way to Oz.

Myth #4: You Can Survive Being Carried Away by a Twister.Fact: Your chances of being swept away by a tornado and living to tell about it are slim to none given the violent forces involved. But, there's an exception to every rule, and in this special, John Rennie meets him - a survivor named Matt Suter who holds the record for longest distance carried by a tornado - a quarter mile.

The Truth About Twisters is an engaging, enlightening one-hour investigation of one of Mother Nature's most powerful and misunderstood weather phenomena. Interviews with top tornado experts, shocking stories from tornado survivors, hands-on experiments and vivid CGI animations help our hosts unravel the myths about twisters and reveal the facts that just might save your life.

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